Monday, March 7, 2011

Mocha Uson Dr. Gan GTWM Video Scandal

You can call me a random fan of Mo Twister's Magic 89.9FM segment. It's fun, it's informative, and it plays music too, not to mention the gorgeous Grace Lee's presence over there.

Anyway, Mo Twister has a new show (he refers to it as a podcast) called Good Times With Mo (GTWM). It's where Mo Twister and company discuss all sex-related (and random) stuff they aren't allowed to talk about on regular radio. You can call it a scandal and it's totally off the charts. Women call about genital sizes of their boyfriends, men call about this and that and whatever have you. I mean, the MTRCB can't lay their hands on it. Good Times With Mo is out of its jurisdiction hence nothing could be done to sanction it. It's basically his own show sponsored by some huge corporations. He can say anything he wants, do anything he wants, whenever he wants. It's the internet anyway.

To show you how funny-slash-wild-slash-inappropriate-slash-liberated-educational-slash-whatever the show is, just play the clip below. It's the Mocha Uson Dr. Gan video in which Dr. Gan (guy with the glasses), a real licensed medical doctor by the way, examines/fondles Mocha Uson's chest area in an attempt to raise breast cancer awareness.

I don't know whether to laugh or roll over the floor laughing, but Dr. Gan is a dead guy. He's already married, maybe he has a kid, lives a family life. I'm sure his wife butchered him the instance she saw this (or her wife could be really really really understanding, since he's a doctor anyway).

That aside, Mocha Uson is a very random but predictable lady. She poses nude for paintings, she tells you how to properly wear a condom, and then this – a video of a failed, funny attempt at raising breast cancer awareness.

Mocha Uson has done lots of crazy things an ordinary woman would squirm about, but what she does, it always fails to make it in the news, most of the time anyway. It's either the news channels won't cover it because of its nature, or they simply aren't interested because its nothing new. I mean, everything she does is about sex, and frankly, the fun of it simply just wears off. Her racket is getting old. Of course it would be another story if you see a mainstream actress doing this (not that they would do it anyway). Just imagine all the news clips and  internet posts titled "[Insert actress's name here] Scandal" here and there.  Then again, maybe it's just me.

With all that said, I give a half-salute to Mocha Uson for trying to campaign whatever she's campaigning. Some may see her as a brainless horny bitch but I'd like to think otherwise. She's a horny bitch with a crooked personality which ultimately makes her funny, calculating, witty, and random. It's just that everyone won't agree with how she does her presentations. Story short, you won't appreciate Mocha Uson if you can't see through all the boobs and sex she brings. But if you'll see through that, you can learn quite a few things yourself.

'Till my next installment.

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